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Variation sur How Many BPM?

"On / Off"


Réalisé par : 
Youri Fernandez

Musique : 
Pierre Loustaunau (Petit Fantôme) / version intégrale disponible en vinyle : www.howmanybpm.bigcartel.com/

Caméra : 
Jérémy Hugues
Alex Heitler

Caméra additionnelle :
Dimitri & Roman Krassoulia
Youri Fernandez

Credits concept :
Iouri Camicas

Skateurs : 
Adrian Chicouard
Yann Saubadine 
Paul Labat
Youri Fernandez

Co-produit par :

"It's sort of hard to explain how insanely rad and creative this video is."
Transworld skateboarding

"The film is part of the HOW MANY BPM? project, a performance and installation series in which skateboarders become human metronomes as they ride back and forth on a ramp. The project was founded in 2014 at the Parisian gallery l’Hermitage by both Fernandez—co-founder of Berlin-based skateboard brand and art collective FLVR—and visual artist Iouri Camicas, who invite various musicians to create a sound universe to accompany each of the performances."